We are a firm led by former proponents and senior regulators.

One-eighty is your guide through the permitting process. We are intimately familiar with the priorities, demands and imperatives of developers and financiers, and the policies, politics and psychology of governments.

Our insight of what regulators need, what First Nations seek, and what project developers demand has earned us a formidable track record of success.

Our people

Kevin Hanson


Emily Kao

Office Manager

Jason Quigley

President & Founder

Carmen Holschuh

Vice President

James Wilkinson

Director of Environment & Regulatory Affairs

Jason Quigley

President & Founder

One-eighty President & Founder Jason Quigley possesses a unique combination of professional experience. As a former senior regulator, he ran the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency for BC and the Yukon, overseeing dozens of federal EAs for projects valued in excess of $50 billion, and has served multiple regulatory roles with Fisheries & Oceans Canada. He has also served as a private sector mining executive and a consultant providing regulatory and environmental services to resource developers, First Nations, government and non-profits.


Jason provides one-eighty clients with unique insights into the strategies and approaches necessary to successfully navigate federal and provincial permitting processes.