At one-eighty we employ proprietary tools to help our clients.


Risk Assessment Model

One-eighty’s proprietary Risk Assessment Model is a dynamic, predictive model that quantifies a project’s relative likelihood of receiving an ‘EA approval’ or similar authorization at any point in time, and assesses the extent to which risk factors can be attenuated.

The Risk Assessment Model is built on a database of resource projects that have undergone EA in Canada over the past 20 years. Past outcomes have been regressed with repeatable risk factors to predict a specific project’s risk and opportunity profile relative to the universe of projects in the database, and to identify key strategies and learnings for enhancing future permitting outcomes.

How does it help?

Environmental and social factors are often the primary determinants of whether a development project receives EA approval or not. The one-eighty Risk Assessment Model has two principle applications in relation to future permitting outcomes.

First, it is a powerful ‘due diligence’ tool that allows project financiers or acquiring parties to quantitatively and qualitatively assess a project’s risk profile and likelihood of receiving EA approval. This analytical output helps inform better investment decisions, and stands in sharp contrast to the superficial assessment of ‘softer’ social and environmental risks that is typical of due diligence investigations.

Second, the Risk Assessment Model is a powerful planning tool. It identifies those factors that are driving a project’s overall risk profile, as well as strategic opportunities for measurably reducing risk. In this way, proponents can focus investment and resources on those factors that yield the greatest dividends in terms of reducing risk and increasing the likelihood of project permitting.

Communication Tracker

One-eighty’s ‘Communication Tracker’ is a database ‘software as a service’ (saas) platform that’s purpose built to support effective stakeholder engagement. Communication records are maintained in a central, cloud-based repository accessible from virtually any location and any device. It is simple to use and highly efficient.

How does it help?

One-eighty’s ‘Communication Tracker’ produces First Nations consultation and stakeholder engagement reports in a form that regulators prefer and can readily adopt. It also produces reports that are ideal for due diligence requests from project financiers and prospective partners, and for showcasing sophisticated stakeholder engagement programs and outcomes in a data room setting.